Hockey Club Atlant (Moscow Region)
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Andrey A. Bagdasaryan

Andrey A. Bagdasaryan


Head of medic service

Personal records

Born on the 20th of August 1960 in military family in Middle Asia in Chirchik Uzbekistan.

  • Started school in Uzbekistan, at 5th grade left for Podolsk. Graduated from school number 5 in podolsk.
  • Entered 1st Sechenov medical insitute and graduated in 1986.
  • Form 1986 to 1987 was intern at 7th Hospital of Moscow on Kashirskoye Shosse.
  • 1987 works in sport medicine department in Dynamo Central Council
  • 1987-1991 Worked with Dynamo teams in heavy athletics,  wrestling, rowing and canoe.
  • In 1991 was invited to hockey club Dynamo Moscow where he worked util 1994.
  • 1994-95 worked in olympic team of Football
  • 1996 came back to Dynamo Moscow where he worked until 2006.
  • В 2006-2007 – as assistant to head medic in Dynamo Moscow
  • since Summer 2007 - in Atlant hockey team.

With the team he won the silver prize in CHL and Russia's open in 2010-11. Was awarded with special award of Governor of Moscow Region.


Wife Marina – co-ed form 1-st medical institute, married from 1983.
Children: Alexandra – graduated from MVD Law-school in 2009. Is a lawyer in  MGO Dynamo Moscow.

Granddaughter Natasha and grandson Maxim.

Favourite Players:

Hockey – Sergei Mozyakin, Jan Bulis, and Vadim Homitsky.

Football – Valery Klemenov andrei Smetanin, Smitry Cheryshev.

Favorite dish – pilau and every food made by wife.