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2009/2010 Season

2009/2010 Season

In 2009/10 season the leader of the team Sergey Mozyakin led Atlant on the ice in the capacity of the capitan for the first time.

Yan Bullis, one of the the best extreme forwards, became a partner for Mozyakin's triple attack. He got in the list of the best bombardiers of Russian Championship of 2008 season. The third one in the triple attack of Atlant was a novice at the team - one more Czech centre forward - Irgi Novotni. He arrived on the eve of the beginning of the Championship of CHL. He played for Colambus in NHL during two seasons before it.

One more «Atlant» star, Nikolai Jerdyev, played in the same club formerly. He spent 2008/09  season in New York Rangers. At the end of August 2008 he won with them Victoria Cup for victory in the competition between NHL club and  the best club of Europe, which conquered European Cup 2008. It is interesting, that it was Metallurg from Magnitogorsk.

In 2009/10 season among novices in Atlant – a famous goalie of Switzerland combined team - Martin Gerber, who played in NHL in Toronto, аnd  conquered with Caroline Stanley Cup in 2006. An experienced forward,Oleg Petrov, who played for Moscow Club in that season, took part in competiton for Gagarin Cup-2009 and played nine seasons in NHL. One more pupil of CSKA school is Oleg Kvasha, who played in NHL for six years. A Fnnish defendor Mikko Luoma from HV-71 (Sweden) spent in the team one season. The Canadian Erik Landri, forwards - Andrei Posnov (from Sibir)and Dmitri Semin (from Lokomotiv Yaroslavl) also spent in the team one season.

But a pupil of Khabarovsk hockey - Dmitry Tarasov from  Moscow Spartak - did not entrench in the team by autumn... Also 36 years old Swedish forward Fredric Bremberg from the Urgoden left the club before the beginning of the season.

During 2008/09 season a  forward Igor Mirnov from Metallurg, Magnitogorsk, who studied playing in hockey in Moscow Dinamo, and a defender Denis Bodrov left the club. Both of them didn't show their best in Atlant .

From January 2008 till the end of October 2009 Atlant was led by Fedor Kanareikin. In 2007 he led Metallurg from Magnitogorsk to a golden medal in Russian Championship, so he got the status of the best coach of the season.

However after not so successful beginning of the 2009/10 season, in comparing with previous results, Kanareikin was fired at the end of October. It happend the next day after the shattering defeat at the home arena of SU (0:6).

Two weeks were spent for searching of a new advisor. During that time the team was led by the coach's staff with Valerii Bragin in the head. And the team played three matches and got 5 scores. They emerged from the defeat from Barys, and from two victory meetings – the win in series of aftergame penalty shoots under Avangard (3:2) thanks to bullet hit track by Sergey Mozykin and a hit track by Oleg Kvashi ( two goals in primetime and the goal in bullet series ), and the shattering defeat on Volga Torpedo from Nizhny Novgorod (8:2).

And, finally, on the 9th of October Nicolay Borshevsky, a coach of new wave, came to the leadership of Atlant. Journalists in Mytischi joke that he likes number 65 because Atlant with him finished the biggest part of matches in additional time or in series of aftergame bullets. Nevertheless, the biggest part of the matches was successfully...

On the 22th of December 2009 Atlant was filled up with Slovakian goalie Yan Lashak, who played for the club Koshice in Slovakian Extra league. Lashak became the Champion of the World in Sweden in 2002. And he won the Russian combined team, which was led by the best bombardier in native hockey history Boris Mihailov, in final (4:3). Alexander Prokopev, who is now a coach of Atlant, played in that Russian combined team.Ganadii Habanov, who is now a leader of the presss service of Atlant, was then a press attaché of national combined team and Russian hockey Federation.

During 2010 season, in January, a goalkeeper Andrey Gavrilov and a forward Vadim Bernikov, came back from Vityaz. But the last one returned to Vityaz after the end of the season.

In play-off, in a strife for Gagarin Cup, Atlant gave the way to Lokomotiv from Yaroslavl in the first round, having lost in four matches (1-3 in series).