Hockey Club Atlant (Moscow Region)
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HC Atlant History

Crucial decision on the Staraya Square

Date of foundation: the 15th of July 2005.

On the 15th of July in the deputy chairman office of Moscow Region Government on Staraya Square, it was officially proclaimed that the regional team Khimik would be transferred from Voskresensk to Mytishci and renamed.  Club was patronized by Governor of Moscow region Boris Gromov.

Khimik planned to start season of 2005/06  in new sport palace in mytishci but construction was not over, so Khimik started playing in Voskresensk.

In Septemebr and October team rented rank in ice palace “Podmoskovye” in Voskresensk.

In the beginning of November 2005 Khimik finally relocated to Mytishci.

The turning point

Tuesday the 4th of august 2009 the fan club representatives and general director of Atlant – A.V. Verevko  met at the round table. The decision was made to start new page in the Mytischi hockey.

New team history is counted from 2005/06 season when hockey team Khimik relocated to Mytischi.

Khimik and its long and glorious history with all its ups and down was given to Voskresnsk, with Atlant still remaining a successor but not the claimant.

Names of the club

2005/06, 2006/07 and 2007/08 – Khimik Moscow Region.

2nd of April 2008 club renamed to HC Atlant Moscow Region.

The Story of Relocating of Khimik to Mytischi.

A Letter to the Governor  in 2005...

Fans of Khimik Voskresenk wrote an open letter to governor of moscow region Boris Vsevolodovich Gromov. In the letter they expressed discontent upon the relocating the team to Mytischi, eager to save the beloved team.
But almost none knew the whole history....

A Tour of Epshtein's team to Moscow in 1955...

Late Nicolai Semenovich Epstein, raging over the relocating if the team in 2005 forgot one fact. Half a century ago he himself insisted on relocating to capital for two seasons. That time it relocated to moscow and started to present the athletic achievements of Moscow factory Kauchuk.

He believed that capital was the better place for team than remote Voskresensk. That time trains came from Kazansky station to Ramenskoe. To get to Voskresensk one needed one more train.  Renown coach and player Vladimir Vasiljev recollects that the road to Voskresensk on old “steamy” took almost four hours.
But capital was not welcome for Epstein team. Team played whole season of USSR championship of 1955/56, when Epstein thought that Voskresensk was easier and more welcome. Hockey would be more interesting for people and heads of Voskresensk due to the lack of other entrainment and sports in small town. The beginning of 1956/57 season saw the team as Khimik Moscow. 

But already in December 1956 local Voskresensk newspaper “Kuybyshyvets” proclaimed: “Upon the decision of  USSR Physical Culture and Sports committee – hockey team of masters of A class Khimik Moscow would now defend athletic honor of our town and factory” Since that Khimik played in Voskresensk and was loved and supported by locals and local government.

Ran out of money

Relocation roots in 1997 events. Club saw the hard times – factory was headed by new people uncommon to town and club. Wages were cut, the team was abandoned. Players were devoid of salaries. There was urgent need for sponsors, and they followed.

The Help of the Region

In the end of 90-s renown and mighty team was sponsored by the government of the region. Spring 1999 club was kicked off the superleague. Team was not dead, it struggled for superleague comeback. But struggling is not enough. Season 2001/02 renamed team to Khimik Moscow Region not Khimik Voskresensk.

From that moment Voskresensk ceased to control its favorite team.

Weird commentaries flow from old-school fans that the team was stolen from city. The true name of the team is forgotten but it sounds like “Khimik Moscow Region”.

Moving to Mytishi – Call of the times

Moscow region government is easy to understand in seeking sponsors to Khimik in Mytishci. The latter is closer to Moscow than Voskresensk.

Also one must bear in mind that 2007 superleague required palaces with more than 5500 audience, when Voskresensk Ice Palace held only 4200 spectators.

New “Arena Mytischi” was far more respectable and attractive as a base for a new club. New palace is the best in Moscow Region and in Moscow. The Palace saw 2007 ice hockey world cup elite division.

The autor of the article: Alexander Serebrynnicov