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From the history of hockey from moscow area

From the history of hockey from Moscow area

Yuri Morozov on the fates of coaches 23 of November for 2007 AllHockey.Ru

Юрий Морозов

«Yes, there was Yurka Morozov, or Moroz, how we called him: Much depends on such players like he, their authority — a support for a coach. Morozov had, for what I really valued him, a highly developed sense of decency. He was not able for a slander or squealing...» N.C.Epshtein, N.N.Vukolov «Hockey stories and revelations of Semenych»

Morozov Yuriy Ivanovich was born on 31.03.1938 – master of sports in hockey, forward player. In 1956/57 in Khimik Moscow 1972-1973 in Khimik Voskresensk. Third prize of USSR championships 1965-70. Played in USSR championships more than 450 matches scored 170 goals. He was the first Russian hockey player to go abroad – to Austria. Resided in Vienna for two years. In 1975-79 the elder trainer of Khimik, in 1984-85 elder trainer of Torpedo Gorky. In 1980s youth teams of USSR headed by him won golden medals and  became the champions of the world. Lots of future stars started their careers in his teams . Nowadays – chairman of hockey veterans committee of Moscow region started their way in his combined teams. Today he is a president of hockey veterans Soviet of Moscow Region.

— Yuri Ivanovich, lets start our trainers talk from your story. When reading Epstein's book, he sounds hurt that you replaced him as a head trainer of Khimik.

— Yes he was offended. I was honest to him – I told that the administration and begged to lead the team. I told that I wasn't ready. But I had to replace him. I consider Nicolai Semyonych as my father.

— Anatoly Tarasov told that Voskresensk arena workers melted ice before the match of CSKA for home team advantage. Is that true?

— No, It wasn't. I know that Tarasov trained his players against us, we often were winning and had good relationships. That ice story started as a joke and turned a rumor. Let it remain tale..

— Does Khimik of your youth resembles the nowadays Khimik??

— Only in colors! Otherwise – no. Modern hockey is far more physical and dynamic, near fall. We had more technique – no canadian-style attacks we won because of technique.

— What about players? Pronin resembles Boris Verigin...

— No! No one is like Verigin. Pronin is a bit warlike like Verigin. But Boris was a total fighter! He could start strangling a judge when disputing! He tried to strangle judge Reznikov.

— Epstein won bronze only for two times. He was left alone. But now let trainer lose two or three games – they are fired.

— That's right. Today's leadership of clubs don't want to wait. They demand instant results. It is a destiny of a coach. Few years ago it depended only on results, but now everything happens much more quickly. Coaches of new formation understand that. But even many things depend on young coaches. They have to grow up and keep the kick. For the present it appreciable, that they want to lead, but not ready for that.

— Well... Let's take Bragin as an example. It was clear from the very beginning that Spartak won't show great results. So, for what we demanded it? Let the person work quietly...

— It is true. Today administration can't wait, they want results here and now. That’s the trainer's fate. Back in the old days, yes, it was related to results but now things are faster. New trainers know that. It depends on them too – they must learn fast and be responsible. Now I see that they are struggling for power but have no skill.

— Let's consider Bragin. It was known that Spartak wouldn't bee too successful. What we want from a trainer with weak team? Let trainer work and see the results.

— That's right, when everyone buzzes about firing one cannot concentrate. But such difficult situations help trainers too and display their skill..

—Let's consider Popykhin. It seems that he has good results for first year. But still rumors about firing are circling around.

—Popykhin played in my youth team. We have good relationships, discuss games. He must know the training art. You must not only know hockey trade, but you must know what to say to players for them to explode, to start playing. Look, he is using time-outs frequently. He must display flexibility. He was standing behind players for the whole season. And  I told him “Stop standing behind like a stone”! And the trainers bench exploded, we see mobility now.

— Don't you think that swift firings, rush for the result damages not only trainers but our hockey? Epstein was working in calm climate, got only bronze but brought up so many stars!

— Really, many stars! When results are needed you experiment with younger part of team. Only seasoned and skilled players are on the rank. In soviet times many of the hockey player started to play in main part of the team at 17. There are no such players now. One should not dramatize about trainers fate. Got fired in one team – got invitation from another. But many specialists are without work. (Young looking and fresh Pyotr Ilych Vorobiev enters the room) – Here is an example – skilled, and good trainer forced to wait for invitations.