Hockey Club Atlant (Moscow Region)
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  1. Profanity and rudeness.
  2. Direct or indirect injury of any person.
  3. Nationalist statements.
  4. Spreading of false information.
  5. Advertising.

Not welcome

  1. Duplicate messages.
  2. Publication of extensive quotations from other sites (better to put link!).
  3. Copying of online broadcasts of games.
  4. Messages typed in capital letters (CAPSLOCK).
  5. Communication in "chat" time.
  6. Private correspondence.

Rights of moderator

  1. Temporary or permanent, at the moderator's discretion, deprivation of a user's status of a member of the fan club.
  2. Temporary or permanent, at the moderator's discretion, disabling of the possibility to write in a guestbook.
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