Hockey Club Atlant (Moscow Region)
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Corporate Identity

Symbology of HC "Atlant"

This season Hockey team “Atlant” corrected their official style, leaving main brand features untouched.

Colour and uniform

Traditionally, yellow-blue color scheme is a key feature of a club symbolic. Nowadays «Atlants» wear dark blue jerseys at home and yellow when playing guest matches. Blue became more deep and noble. .This hue of blue is called Navy.

 124 EC
 655 EC
 c0 m34 y100 k0
 c100 m44 y0 k77 
 020M golden yellow
 050M dark blue 


Script-logo is created with bold, masculine font, ideally fitting such dynamic and power game as hockey. We chose straight, semi-bold, soft sans serif font of medium width. To avoid immobility we made it pointed and Italic-typed

Shoulder logo

A key feature of  hockey teams is shoulder logo:

  Ottawa Senators

   Washington Capitals

       Florida Panthers

Usually it is simple and readable when small - excess of details make it difficult to print and to read. Logo has main gist of a team – that’s why the semiotics of Atlant team are versatile:

Spearhead, referring to the spear of St. George the Slayer


Red shield of Moscow Oblast coat-of-arms


A — first letter
 of Atlant Team

Shield and spear of Mars – the masculine sign


Emotional matrix by Artemiy Lebedev

Vector sum up and forward means most assertive angle and direction in two dimensions

«Atlant» Hockey Team is the only hockey team in continental league representing Moscow oblast. Official coat-of-arms of the region bears the image of  Saint George The Slayer – the patron saint of Russian people, and keeper of Russian land.


Coat –of-arms shows one of the main feats of St. George – the slaying of the golden dragon by spear. Spear is an instrument of victory, sacred symbol of courage, heroism, fortitude and  fearfulness. That’s why new emblem of the team has its symbolic image..

The spearhead is stylized as the letter A (first letter in the name of the club) and dynamically pointed to upper right corner - the most assertive corner according to «Emotional matrix» made by leading russian designer Artemiy Lebedev. The color of a shield is the same as official Moscow oblast colors.

The logo of the club is based upon well-known symbol  of male gender, symbolically depicting  «a shield and a spear of Mars», the God of war.


The new motto of the club -  «Unity. Struggle. Victory.»  - reflects the main principles of the team and fans.

Numerical Symbols

A set of numerical symbols named «Atlas» was designed specially for «Atlant» team. No other team in CHL can boast of its own numerical set.

Atlas Dynamic

Atlas Sport

Atlas X-Sport

The history of logo creation, 2009–2010 season