Hockey Club Atlant (Moscow Region)
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Mytyshi for fans

Mytishchi for Fans

Well, you are going to hockey in Mytishchi. Hockey is fine, but you are still interested in the cultural program which is quite logical. A fan goes to an away match not only to support his favourite club but also to “open” new towns. Mytishchi can tell and show a lot to a newcomer. And it doesn’t matter where you’ve arrived from – from nearby Moscow, for example, or from remote Khabarovsk.

Let’s start our route from the platform Mytishchi, as the official site of “Atlant” advises. Two minutes of walk – and you see a shopping centre “Red Whale”.  But we are not going to boost it; therefore here are only the facts about it that are important  for fans: here you may have a snack (McDonald’s, Rostik’s and other fast food),  watch a movie in a cinema, have fun in a game-zone, buy some souvenirs  to remember about the journey.

Then we go along  Novomytishchinski Avenue for about 500 metres and see  one of the main sights of the town on the right – it is the Orthodox Temple of Christmas built in 2005.

After having been delighted with its beauty, we move to the Central park of Mytishchi (you should go along Novomytishchinski Avenue till you see the main entrance on the left). Here one can indulge in his favourite fan’s affair – discussing a coming game. If you are here in summer, then side-shows, cafes, areas for beachfront volley-ball are at your service.

But let’s return to Novomytishchinski Avenue and turn left, then go up to the crossroads with Mira Street. There is a Mytishchi Picture-gallery on the opposite side. Here the art’s fan (I suppose, hockey’s fans can be the art’s fans at the same time) will be able to beguile in expectation of match’s beginning.

To reach Ice arena you must go along Mira Street up to Letnaya Street, then turn left and go along for about 300 metres. Here it is, “Arena Mytishchi”.

You may see all described above during one day, and most of fans act in this way. Still, if you stay in Mytishchi longer, you should certainly visit some more interesting places. The first one is The Church of the Annunciation situated on the bank of the river Yauza, in Taininskoe.  It was built in the 17th century. You can find a detailed location map on the official site of the Church. And if you have time, then go and see this beautiful place – you’ll get unforgettable impressions.

The 2nd place is “Kva-kva”, the biggest aqua park in Moscow. Its address is 1, Kommunisticheskaya Street.  You can find a detailed location map on the official site of the aqua park.

So, come to Mytishchi! There are a lot of places to watch here, except high-level hockey!